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Heading up our newly expanded line of "Rear Connections" are these truely inovative PRISMIC-STYLED custom rear sections. As with our radial line, these bolt-on unit construction, prismics were designed for use on early or late model Harely 74's, 80's and Sportster (thru 1978)..."swing arm" frames!  Each PRISMIC REAR CONNECTION includes a custom square-type tail light assembly and stylish black or brown, one piece, cobra style custom seat.   Each prismic section seat features the same quality construction as with the radial units, and the tail light assembly wiring can be completely concealed and protected in the units's hidden wiring tubes.   The Prismic units mount exactly the same as the Radial units, and each unit features 12 gauge steel skirting, and 16-gauge center area construction - tied together with solid steel cross bracing (all REAR CONNECTIONS are lighter and stronger than stock Harley rear components).   When ordering Prismic units, please specify year and model with each order, and also specfiy if you desire pre-drilled turn singal holes! You may order your rear section wiht steel provision "Pockets" welded in position for quick and simple side-in connection of our custom chromed square stock prismic sissy bars.  Includes sissy bar in 9", 12", 16" or 18" (exposed above pocket). 

Prismic Style

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