Our new line of universal radial, WELD-ON REAR CONNNECTIONS were designed for use on most all custom and hardtail solid steel cross bracing.  Each WELD-ON unit includes a truly stylish black or brown, one or two piece cobra style seat (just like the radial bolt-on units), plus a custom tail light assembly...the wiring of which can be completely concealed and protected in the unit's hidden wiring tubes.  Every CFE weld-on rear connection allows quick bolt-on installation of license plate and frame, and you may order your rear section with steel provision "Pockets" welded in position for quick and simple slide-in connection of our custom chromed square or round sissy bars.  NOTE: SISSY BARS ARE AN OPTION, AND ARE THUS PART NUMBERED AND PRICED SEPARATERLY!  The following part numbers represent "WELD-ON REAR CONNECTIONS" that come with bare metal finish only.  As with all CFE units however, we include easy to follow instructions with each unit showing areas to be welded and general proceedures for mounting correctly.  Every unit however DOES REQUIRE MOLDING (Body Filler) AND PAINITING. 


Weld-On Style